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Old Nigerian Brands that remind you of your childhood

Old Nigerian Brands that remind you of your childhood

Old Nigerian Brands
Growing up we had access to a variety of exciting brands and products from sweets, to toys that we shared with friends and family which made our days exciting and were an important part of the memories made.
Let’s take a trip down memory lane to look at the products responsible for these awesome feelings. We will take a look at 10 of these incredible companies, the products they made our days with and lastly, how nostalgic it feels to know that even if time passes, the way we feel about certain brands will undeniably never change.

1. Baba Blue

We loved the advert, the product and it stayed with us overtime. Vicks is well known for the medicated throat lozenges – Baba Blue. The sweet but minty sweet was generally in a league of its own. This paved the way for the era of medicated throat sweets which we have diverse brands creating today.

2. Goody Goody

The sweet but gummy bear textured caramel bar was our introduction to the world of chocolate and the sweetness that come with it.  A delicacy that always melted in our mouths and pushed us to use whatever loose change we found laying in the house to buy.

Old Nigerian Brands : cadbury

3. 2go

This social media platform had all of us chatting nonstop to rise up the star system ladder and get from novice to ultimate. A lot of people downloaded it on their parents phone and had to sneak to use it. It was the perfect combination with WhatsApp and Facebook, Certainly, this application was to us what twitter is today.

Old Nigerian Brands :2go

4. Mavis Beacon

This was generally the beginning of most of us ICT journey, the fast typing software with games to help users get familiar with their keyboards and type faster.

Old Nigerian Brands : mavis beacon

5. Cabin Biscuit

The snack scene was filled with tasty and filled to the brim biscuits that we bought for N5, N10 at most.  Salty ones like fishly, pepper snacks , sweet cream filled sandwiches like Twist, wafers, shapes, fiber active, ohhh, digestive, glucose malted milk,  speedy, milk maid, all from the Yale Company. The final boss of biscuits is Cabin, the ultimate party pack that was responsible for keeping our tummies filled at major events like birthdays. But, It is an even better delicacy when fried in groundnut oil or paired with milk by dipping or plating it cereal style.

Old Nigerian Brands : cabin

6. Barney and Friends

The purple dinosaur who  taught us about values, morality , being a good friend while singing catchy tunes and telling us stories. Surprisingly, this was the one friend our parents did not feel the need to warn us about.

Old Nigerian Brands : barney and friends

7. Tasty Time

When our beloved eve was nowhere to be found, the destiny of break time and after school drinks rested on the shoulders of one sachet drink – the name “Tasty Time”. This drink existed in blackberry and orange flavor and it was perfect when paired with hot puff puff.

Old Nigerian Brands : Tasty time

8. Robot

The robot banana gum was the peak of after-school indulgence. Sweet and long-lasting. It was a must for every goody bag and could be found in every street kiosk. The trivia questions and answers in the wrapper especially added to the fun and excitement.

Old Nigerian Brands : banana gum

9. Goge Africa

The OG travel content brand. This lovely Nigerian couple took us from Nigeria to Ghana, Benin republic from the comfort of our homes. Unquestionably, for some of us they were our gateway to seeing the world and they inspired travel content in its richness and fun. 

Old Nigerian Brands : Goge Africa

10. VHS

Every household had a shelf for placing tv, rewinder, and in the most important compartment VHS player. This video gold mine had videos of our naming ceremony, birthdays and if you were lucky to meet it unspoiled your parents wedding ceremony. This was our first introduction to watching documentaries on the tv. Also, the fun part of owning them is the rewinding process which you could do with your hands in the opening of a rewinder and the black film tapes you could play games with.

Old Nigerian Brands : VHS

Looking to build a brand that would stand the test of time and would be sealed in the hearts of your customers forever, then you’ve come to just the right place. Check out our portfolio to see some of the brands we have created magic with. 

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