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Adun Catering

Mouth watering goodness, naija style!
Business Cards design for Adun
Stationery Design for Adun
Apron design for Adun
Food Packaging Design for Adun

The Process

Adun Catering as a brand was created to stand out in the highly competitive food industry in Nigeria. The colors chosen were made up of different shades of Red as it is prevalent in a lot of local soups and stews. In Nigeria, red pepper (tomatoes, tatashe and atarodo) are the main ingredient in cooking, even for the legendary Nigerian Jollof rice. For this reason, we stuck with red to give the brand an easily recognisable Nigerian theme.

After considering many different ideas, we decided on a Word-mark that depicts the image of the popular Nigerian party pot (similar to a cauldron), then we stylishly infused the name of the brand into the mark. This is one of our original, hand-drawn icons. With this, we achieved a modern presence and an indigenous, yet classy finish. Furthermore, we conceptualized brand strategy for the grand launch of the restaurant, and we designed key brand material like flyers, food packaging, aprons, t-shirts, business cards, letterheads etc.

We can confidently say that the collaborative efforts of our team in building this brand has greatly improved its image in its industry and beyond. This resulted in a highly successful restaurant launch, increased public awareness and of course, an increase in the overall sales made by Adun Catering.


Adun Catering