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LMD – La Maison Douillet

Interior Design Studio

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LMD Business Card
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The LMD Process

Ever walked into a restaurant to grab a meal and found a new client on the menu list before? Well, we did just that in April. 

We had gone breakfast-hunting, but the pleasant aroma of our portfolio attracted a representative of the LMD company to our studio. Long story cut short, the company contracted us to help rebrand.

LMD, short for La Maison Douillet is a brand made up of interior decorators with a depth of artistic vision and craftsmen with extraordinary skill. 

We pitched the idea of rebranding the logo as the former was clustered. It had elements that looked out of place, and this rendered it dysfunctional. This birthed a simple yet impactful wordmark detailing the acronym of the company’s name. Also, priority was given to the arrangement of the characters to ensure that they fit seamlessly just as furniture, lighting, and space in LMD homes are made to seamlessly complement each other.

For us at Toast, functionality is a huge deal. This is why we designed uniquely styled business cards for the LMD brand. The curve on the business card complements the letter ‘D’. It also guarantees that balance is maintained.

We designed over 16 other items, including business stationery, promotional items, and corporate gifts.


La Maison Douillet