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What if Africa was a website?

If you could squeeze the beauty of Africa into a single website, it would be this one.

Osengwa was founded with the goal of being a hub for contemporary African art, fashion, music, and culture. They were inspired by the richness and diversity of African influences and wanted to be at the forefront of the Neo-African movement.

Our goal was to showcase the talents and creativity of African artists on their website and help them grow and achieve their goals. It was a big responsibility undoubtably, but we were up for the challenge.

Of course, it was a joy to work with a company that is so dedicated to the arts and culture scene in our locale. In the months that followed, we worked together to merge their passion, expertise and goals into a functional (and mobile-friendly) website that is undeniably beautiful in more ways than one.






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Web Design

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Jide Awulonu

Titilayo Oladapo-Ariyo

Elijah Adediran

Osengwa definition
Osengwa Definition

Right up from the homepage, the entire site was revamped for a user-friendly experience that is both simple to use and maintains the aesthetic value that flows throughout Osengwa.

Osengwa Website Homepage

In order to achieve Osengwa’s main purpose of creating a home and platform for the brilliance of African storytelling, we developed a space for various types of expressions to thrive including music, fashion, photography, art, poetry, and much more

The website’s ability to translate effortlessly on more than just a desktop screen was the frosting on the cake. Multi-platform responsiveness meant a lot in terms of putting this in front of everyone who needed to view it. So we made it a point to ensure that the experience remained identical across Desktop and Mobile interfaces.

As a full-service creative agency looking to partner with businesses obsessed with growth, it was a pleasure for us to contribute to Osengwa’s journey. Are you also looking to build or redesign your business website? We are your best bet. Send us a DM, and let’s make magic together!

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