Toast Culture

Our job is not done until the problem is solved

Our core philosophy is finding and creating solutions. More specifically, we are most particular about the impact that a solution we provide will have. We want to bring our values to do work that matters—not just to us, but to the world around us and beyond.

Our culture exists to continually push us towards that goal.

At Toast, we particularly value the following traits/skills in our team members and potential hires, meaning these traits are rewarded by; hiring, promotion, bonuses, raises and ownership, etc.

1. Impact

We don’t just want to take money from people/organisations. Money comes and goes, we don’t want to. So, it is important to us that with both for-profit and non-profit projects(we have those a lot), we put in our best to create unforgettable, remarkable experiences. Always ask yourself, “how does this action affect our spheres of influence?”. Both in-house and with clients and third parties, you should constantly seek to accomplish significant amounts of impact

2. Intellectual Curiosity

Our ideal team member thrives in a fast-paced environment, possesses a high level of intellectual curiosity, and demonstrates strong judgement in the face of ambiguity.  We want people that are always eager to learn. You must always seek to understand the fine details of every problem. If you are unable to solve a problem at the moment, you should be willing to seek out ways to arrive at a solution. Either through combing the internet, asking a colleague, or even picking up a new skill. Learn how to arrive at a solution. We are also very invested in your learning, so we would give you access to a variety of learning tools and courses.

3. Preparation before action

Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe” – Unknown

For every project or task, you must prioritise preparation. Research, learning, and inquiry, must all come before execution.

4. Organisation

When folders and documents are properly organised, they are easier to find when they are needed, and quick actions/decisions can be made, saving us time. Organisation also improves performance and maintains the quality of work among teammates, departments, and allies around the world. This helps us minimise conflict caused by miscommunication. 

5. Clear Communication

As much as possible, we aim to eliminate ambiguity. Always communicate promptly, honestly, transparently, and sincerely. You should also be a gracious listener who is willing to put ego to the side, welcome honest, candid feedback, and take responsibility for your role in every situation.

6. Passion

Skills can be learned, passion can’t. We expect you to genuinely care about the progress of Toast Creative Studios, and always be motivated to give the best to whatever task you have to execute. 

7. Teamwork

You need to be a great team player to thrive at Toast. You are expected to support your team members and seek their help whenever you need it. 

There is no race for credit here; being a valuable member of the team means that you’re smart, resourceful, confident, and mature enough not to have an ego. Teamwork also boosts morale and improves the vibe and atmosphere in the working environment, everybody brings their own unique strengths and all creative ideas are welcome.

8. Profit

We believe that if work is great, it will attract (financial) rewards. While it is not the most important thing, money must be made. Always think of how what you are doing affects us financially, or if it helps, think of how it affects you financially because if it affects us, sooner or later, it will affect you too.