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Where we are going 🚀

Where We Design a World of Impact

We hope to be Africa’s leading creative agency in the next 10 years, providing solutions to real-world problems. We want our growth to be seen in two major areas; our organisation’s advancement and the impact we have within Africa.

Long Term Mutual Working Relationship

Our goal is to no longer have clients, we want to turn our clients into partners. We aim for long-term mutually beneficial partnerships. We no longer want a portfolio of designs and projects, our portfolio will only contain the logos of our partner companies and they should be impactful and recognisable enough that nothing else would need to be said.

In-house Ideation, Innovation and Growth

As an impact-focused company, we want to do as much as we can to improve the world, starting with Africa. We know this is a big dream that would require our skill, time and capital. Hence, we are striving to firstly build Toast Creative Studios to become an institution of its own with resources to fund other projects.

We want to do this by building an Academy. This is a space equipped with the best facilities for the training of curious and creative minds. These students are taught by experts in design, product management, motion graphics and content creation. After completion of courses, students get to intern with us, leveraging their ways to successful careers.

The Toast Campus is also a hub where ideas are spun and mistakes are made to get a final result. With a diversity of skills, our team works to design and build high-impact solutions to problems and have those solutions create massive change. We do everything from problem identification, brainstorming, operations to launching and management. Our solutions to problems could be creating new strategy, building a brand, optimising a service, or selling a product. 

We know all of these can only be achieved with a full spectrum of well trained, gratified staff, thinking up ideas and collaborating for long term success. So our staff are part of the process as we want well-rounded Nigerians equipped for leadership.

Designing the Future of Africa

Africa has a myriad of opportunities. It’s growth is however burdened by the various problems plaguing the continent. We visualize a Toast that is furnished to not only recognise these problems but worthy enough to provide solutions to them. We want to be doers and not complainers.

We expect that through our expertise and experience, we will be able to provide tools, services, products, support, investments and initiatives that would help achieve sustainable growth and bring about change to the continent.

We want a part of the company to be dedicated to impact completely. We want Toast to be 70% recognised for human value projects and 30% for design or branding, though we give everything 100%.

We want impact to be our business. Impact in areas of education, childcare, politics and leadership. We cannot do that yet so we are building Toast to the point where we can fund projects without liability or risk.

We know Africa’s growth should not be limited. This is why we do not just want to design but solve problems. We hope that through our actions, our work represents us wherever they reach.

Diversifying and Venturing into New Markets

We are too creative to be boxed into one brand. We want to birth brands that are solving niche problems and creating positive impact around Africa. From podcasts challenging the norm through difficult conversations to food service that enables a steady work-life balance for busy individuals to beautifully designed journals that mark milestones in an individual’s life. We want to do them all and our growth in these many areas will unfold in the coming years as we improve ourselves and our services.