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Nut Crunch

One crunch and you'll be nuts over caramel

Nut Crunch Logo and Nuts
Nut Crunch Logo Alternates
Nut Crunch Sweet Caramel Bars
Nut Crunch Peanut Butter Spread
Nut Crunch Sweet Caramel Nuts
Nut Crunch Tote Bags
Nut Crunch Packaging Box

Project Details

It’s the new year guys and we are busy already. Allow us to introduce you to our latest branding project.

Nut Crunch is a Nigerian startup whose main products are nut-based snacks, bars, and spreads. They are looking to continue the home-based snack revolution led by brands such as Pure Bliss Wafers and Minimie Chin Chin.

For the Nut Crunch Brand, we created a hand-drawn type based logo using colors that represent all of their major ingredients; Dark brown: Chocolate Golden Yellow: Caramel and Light brown: Nuts

We also worked on packaging design for the caramelized nuts snack and their amazing peanut butter spread.

We round up this showcase with the design for our personal favorite, the tote bag. Don’t sleep on the wordplay ?


Nut Crunch


Branding, Packaging


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